Insights from The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM)

Insights from The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM)
The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) recently held in New York brought together a diverse group of leaders in asset management strategy and operations determined to drive excellence in performance management and investment risk,data management and client communication, technology and operational strategies, and marketing and sales.

The objectives of TSAM were the same as other asset management summits – to help asset managers maximize existing resources and to enable and equip their organizations to be more efficient.

One key theme of the summit was the role of technology and automation in helping prepare asset managers remain agile and future ready. The event touched upon topics such as:

1. Robo-revolution

2. Machine learning

3. West coast vs. East coast technology

4. Technology-led process automation

Insights from The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM)

We also had insightful conversations with senior executives on how the rapid pace of technology-led innovations will shape the future of asset management.

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Pedro Rafael

Pedro Rafael

SVP, Business Development
Pedro is a financial services professional who has delivered investment and operational solutions and services to sell-side, buy-side, securities services, and corporations globally. Prior to taking up his current role, Pedro held business development and relationship management roles at Itau Unibanco, RBC, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, and Citigroup

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