Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services has leadership position in multiple segments within the financial and corporate sectors. The way our clients use us and benefit from our services is very diverse.

By partnering with us, investment banks have been able to gain market share, brokerages have been able to improve coverage efficiency, asset managers have been able to compete better for funds and generate more investment ideas, banks have been better able to manage lending risks, and corporations have been able to research markets faster and procure more cost effectively.

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Investment banking offshoring
Investment Banks
We are the dominant market share leader in providing research and analysis support to Investment Banks. We support the entire transaction life cycle from origination to execution.

Combining deep analytical rigor with a strong process, we enable an Investment Bank to simultaneously reduce its operational costs and improve revenue growth. Leaving us to undertake highly labor intensive operating functions, clients are freed to apply in-house resources to generate new business and other strategic functions.

Investment banking outsourcing
Brokerage firms partner with us to reduce cost per research output. We do not presume to supplant the judgment and understanding of experienced analysts but helps increase their bandwidth. By having us take on 30 – 75% of their coverage initiation and maintenance-related process, in-house teams are able to spend more time with clients, generate additional new ideas, and expand coverage at a faster pace than their competitors.
Investment banking offshoring
Asset Management & Private Wealth
We dominate the front office transformation space across multiple asset manager categories.Seven of our asset management clients belong to the top-10 in their category (by AuM), and a further 30+ mid-small sized funds use our services extensively.
Investment banking offshoring
Private Equity & Venture Capital
Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services has been the leading provider of bespoke research and consulting services to global private equity/venture capital (PE/VC) industry participants, including general and limited partners. Our integrated and best-in-class service offerings are designed to support direct, secondary, fund of funds (FoFs), and primary fund investments across all major private markets and asset classes.
Investment banking offshoring
Commercial Banks
Commercial banks operate in a fast moving and competitive environment, while facing an escalating cost of doing business due to regulatory pressures. There is unprecedented focus on both balance sheet strength and Return on Assets, neither of which are easily manageable under current macro conditions.
Investment banking offshoring
Corporates and
Professional Services
We provide analytics and business research services to corporate clients helping them accelerate strategy formulation, business planning, and improve tactical responsiveness. We work with some of the world’s largest companies, operating in major industries, servicing many corporate functions including sales, marketing, procurement and strategy. We conduct statistical analysis on large datasets.