Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services is a global one-stop solution provider supporting all major activities of market research services. We leverage the latest technology, optimum execution techniques, robust quality, scalable resource pool of domain experts, and decade-long experience to provide market research services across various industry verticals.

To support market research firms, we supplement their operations with end-to-end solutions, which include multigeography and multilingual research offerings, such as questionnaire design, survey programming, data processing, interactive dashboards, verbatim and social media coding, email campaign management, survey hosting and project and panel management services, customizations, automation macros, report writing, and infographics.

We differentiate ourselves from others by staying ahead of the technology, performing various research methodologies, helping visualize data insights, and adding value to the research initiative. Our strengths lie in our focused approach, specialization in latest tools and technologies, and experience in working with leading market research organizations, which help us to continually build deeper domain expertise. Equipped with robust processes and flexible engagement models, we work as an extended arm of our clients, enabling them to increase their bandwidth, which they leverage to focus on more value-added work, idea generation, and strategic initiatives.

ESOMAR Corporate Membership Information
“The Market Research services “Unit” of ‘Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services’ is an ESOMAR corporate member and fully complies with the ICC/ESOMAR Code and its guidelines. Whilst the Market Research services “Unit” complies with the ICC/ESOMAR Code, this does not extend to any other companies of the “Group” referring to companies within Moody’s”

Our services for Market Research Firms include:

Survey Programming
We provide online, face-to-face, and offline survey programming solutions to market research firms. Our seamless operations team consistently delivers high-quality survey programs to over 30 MR clients globally.
Data Processing, Charting
We offer expertise in data cleaning, tabulation, and charting for market research data. Our seamless operations team consistently delivers high-quality data outputs, tables, and charts to over 30 MR clients globally.
Open-End/Verbatim Coding
We perform open-end coding or verbatim coding through a systematic process that transfers raw data (verbatim) to intelligent data to express quantifiable meaning of the verbatim.
Data Visualization, Dashboards
Dashboards and data visualization are a medium to represent data graphically in order to clearly and efficiently communicate large datasets. Data visualization establishes the impact of insights and effectively communicates complex ideas.
Email Campaign Management
We run client-/industry-specific email campaigns for various research clients. Interactive dashboards help view progress, measure key results, and develop advanced products/services strategies.

Project, Panel Management Support
We provide end-to-end research support to clients in their respective local time zone through expert teams of Market Research Project Managers.