Our Data Processing (DP) team works on various data processing, charting, and graphing applications. They can also work effectively with client proprietary software in delivering exceptional results within stringent deadlines.

All analysts in the DP team are well versed with trivial to advanced data processing tools and are armed with professional MS-Office skills. We also have separate VBA and macro teams to work on ad hoc automation requirements to speed up deliveries.

Our suite of data processing services include:

  • Testing of dummy data (RDG), soft launch, data check with skip patterns or identify straight liners, and full study launch
  • Checks and validations of data integrity
  • Weighting and tabulations
  • Data transformation and quota settings
  • Report writing and charting
  • Reportal tools to track survey progress and extract report for analysis
  • Consolidation of data at single location enabling waves/trending analysis

We also have expertise from heritage to the latest DP tools and technologies, which include:

  • Quantum
  • SPSS
  • Wincross
  • Uncle
  • Quanvert
  • Merlin
  • Ruby
  • R

In addition, we use the following state-of-the-art charting software/tools:

  • E-tabs
  • Tableau