As a global organization, Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services takes pride in being able to support the society. Support initiatives are selected based on the changing needs of each local community. Employees are encouraged to play leading roles and actively participate in various projects. While some projects require funding, others may require employees to share their time and talent to enrich the life of another. From setting up computer labs in rural schools to caring for the environment, our commitment to recognizing the needs and changing the lives of the less privileged is apparent in the diversity of our completed and ongoing CSR programs.

‘Making Vegetable Patches’

Bangalore, April 2016: Twenty-five Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services Bangalore employees teamed up to visit The Bangalore Hospice Trust (BHT), Karunashraya, on April 20, 2016. The volunteers were taught how to make vegetable patches, supplemented by a demo by a team from the horticulture training unit of the NGO “The Association of People with Disability”.

After dividing themselves into five groups, the volunteers took to making vegetable patches. The first step was to make 4 ft x 4 ft plots. Armed with gardening tools and safety gloves, they prepared the soil (which was loosened the previous day) and made patches. Then, they put red soil and manure mix, along with cocopeat, on these plots, and sowed seeds and watered the patches. The patches were labeled for reference. Volunteers planted seeds of coriander, beetroot, ladies finger, cabbage, cauliflower and tomato, among others.

‘Visit to Divya Downs Development Trust ‘

Bangalore, April 2016: For the second TeamUp project, Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services Bangalore visited Divya Downs Development Trust on April 13, 2016. Volunteers received a warm welcome and were then made familiar with the nature of the trust as the NGO partner elaborated on Down’s syndrome and its work in this field.

Volunteers were divided into teams and engaged in activities such as Diya painting, making paper plates using the paper-plate-making machine, artificial jewelry and cross-stitching to create beautiful embroidery designs on cloth pieces. The event ended with the NGO representatives serving volunteers refreshments and distributing gifts as a token of appreciation. The representatives praised the efforts of the volunteers.

‘Medicine Covers for Nightingales Sandhya Kirana’

Bangalore, April 2016: The Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services Bangalore team kicked off its first TeamUp event with NGO partner Nightingales Sandhya Kirana (a day-care facility for senior citizens and dementia patients). Upon arrival to the facility, the Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services volunteers were welcomed by iVolunteer and briefed on the agenda for the day. This was followed by an address by Center Head, Nightingales Sandhya Kirana, who shared details about the NGO and spoke briefly on Dementia.

Volunteers were requested to bring old magazines, which were used to make medicine covers of various sizes were made. One of the elders guided the volunteers by demonstrating the correct way to make the magazine medicine covers. Volunteers followed her instructions and got to work. They cut huge amounts of paper and created an assembly line to hasten the cover-making process and make as many as possible. Volunteers were successful in making a total of 343 medicine covers and many other paper covers. The team showed good spirit and worked with great energy and enthusiasm.

‘TeamUp project in collaboration with Delhi Christian Friends in Need Society’

Gurgaon, March 2016: The fifth TeamUp project – Gardening at Home – in association with the NGO, Delhi Christian Friends in Need Society was organized on March 31. Team Analytics volunteered for this initiative.

Volunteers visited the NGO’s home for the aged in Delhi, where they got the opportunity to intimately perceive the lives of the veterans. The ice-breaking session had a few in-house activities such as Antakshari and Tambola.

After the introductory session, the volunteers and residents completed the following tasks in four groups:

  • Cooking team – Prepared curry and chapattis and served tea to all the members
  • Gardening team – Planted trees such as sweet lime and pears
  • Art and craft team – Prepared posters and cards for the elderly residents
  • Decoration team – Decorated rooms with balloons to create a party mood

The elderly residents treasured all the arrangements. The volunteers distributed groceries, toiletries, and fans to the residents. The event ended with a cake-cutting ceremony and snacks distribution. The energy of the place swept the volunteers off their feet.

‘TeamUp project in collaboration with CSSAR’

Gurgaon, March 2016: The fourth TeamUp project – Making Teaching Aid & Painting Walls – was conducted on March 29 in collaboration with the NGO, CSSAR. Team TD volunteered for this initiative.

The day started with a brief interactive session between the volunteers and NGO members. The volunteers divided themselves into three groups to conduct the following activities:

  • Making teaching aids – Around eight volunteers prepared informational and educational charts on various topics such as the photosynthesis process, cross section of animal and plant cells, area and perimeter and safety signs
  • Painting school walls – Eight volunteers painted school walls to make them more vibrant with instructional tools
  • Conducting a quiz and painting competition – The rest of the volunteers were engaged in conducting/participating a quiz and painting competition

After the activities, the volunteers handed over gifts such as water color boxes and geometry boxes to the students. The gifts added to the delight of the children. The volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the activities.

‘TeamUp project in association with Khushboo Welfare Society’

Gurgaon, March 2016: The third TeamUp project – Designing Decorative Items – was arranged on March 22. Team MSSI volunteered for this initiative, which was conducted in association with the NGO, Khushboo Welfare Society (KWS).

The day began with the Director of KWS briefing the volunteers about the NGO. This was followed by lamp-lighting and a highly energized and fun-filled group dance performance by the children of KWS.

The volunteers were divided into four groups according to their choice of activity. They made paper bags, beads jewelry, paper envelopes, and door hangings.

With the help of the specially abled KWS students, our volunteers made 50 envelopes, 19 necklaces, 15 door decoration hangings, and 12 paper bags. They were moved by the caliber and potential in the children and felt inspired.

The volunteers and students also celebrated Holi, the festival of colors, together at the NGO.

‘TeamUp project in association with NIIT foundation’

Gurgaon, March 2016: Placement Preparation, our second TeamUp event, was conducted successfully on March 17. The associated NGO was NIIT foundation. Teams Gen, IR, and TOC volunteered for this initiative.

The event started with an ice-breaking session for assigning mentors to the students. The mentors conducted one-on-one sessions with their mentees on the following topics:

  • Resume writing – tips and tricks
  • How to handle a job interview
  • How to dress up for an interview
  • How to handle tricky questions
  • Mock interview questions, etc.

The volunteers showed tremendous enthusiasm in training the students on interview etiquettes and best practices and left no stone unturned in introducing the students to the corporate world.

‘TeamUp project in collaboration with Eshabraille’

Gurgaon, March 2016: Read Fest, our first TeamUp event, was conducted at exevo on March 10. The associated NGO was Eshabraille.
The event began with a sign-language workshop. The volunteers recorded educational audio content, provided by the partner NGO, for the visually challenged.

It was an enriching experience for the volunteers.

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