Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services provides a wide range of multi-industry and cross-regional services to PE and VC clients making direct investments. Our PE/VC clients have successfully leveraged our expertise to generate proprietary deal flows, gain a better understanding of themes, develop market maps of target sectors, identify and perform deeper diligence of targets, closely track portfolios, and realize optimal value at exit. Moreover, through our corporate and consulting practice, we assist portfolio companies with strategy formulation and implementation, market and competitive intelligence, and cost optimization initiatives, thereby, directly contributing toward their operative success. This, in turn, adds significant value for funds in the form of improved performance of their portfolios.

We have a strong understanding of research processes that industry-leading funds follow and a pool of experienced resources that have unparalleled cross functional exposure. Our analysts work closely with our clients’ in-house investment and operations teams, often as integral members, providing not just research support, but valuable insights and thought leadership. By collaborating with us, funds are able to access and leverage valuable research very early on in the investment process, thereby generating key competitive advantages throughout the transaction process.


We help funds identify the most attractive investment targets through rigorous screenings and market mapping tools. We also help monitor existing and new markets for economic/demographic/business segment/customer need changes, thereby helping our clients identify opportunities early on and plan where to efficiently and effectively focus their time and resources.

  • Company Screening
  • Investment Pipeline Maintenance
  • Economic and Industry Overview
  • Database Management
  • Hypothesis Validation/Theme Research
  • Sector Valuation


We help funds analyze investment targets by creating detailed and customized diligence frameworks and conducting in-depth research directly, aiding in faster deal decision making. Through our support, PE/VC clients can better evaluate investments under consideration and make more informed decisions with regards to value multiplication expectations.

  • Industry Deep Dive Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Market Sizing
  • Custom Valuation Analysis
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Detailed Investment Analysis


We assist PE/VC clients to maintain a very close watch on the performance of their portfolio companies by regularly monitoring and tracking them. This helps them make informed and timely decisions with regard to their investment exit strategy.

  • Performance Tracking and Analysis
  • Industry Dashboards
  • Variation Analysis
  • Portfolio Benchmarking
  • Carrying Value Calculation
  • Periodic Reporting and Updates


Our teams assist and support our PE/VC clients in designing and executing value-enhancing initiatives for their portfolio companies (from market identification and attractiveness assessment to vendor selection).

  • Determination of Growth Strategy
  • Budgeting and Forecasting Support
  • Revenue Enhancement and Cost Reduction
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Product Diversification Analysis
  • M&A Target Identification and Analysis


We provide cutting-edge research that helps funds formulate their investment exit strategy and streamline the exit process to realize the optimal value for their investments.

  • Identifying Potential Buyers
  • Valuation Support
  • Streamlining Relevant Information
  • Financial Models
  • Deal Analysis
  • Creating Information Memorandums


We support our clients across a wide range of domains – from strategically reviewing and measuring fund performance to providing periodic fund reports to Limited Partners (LP), pitching to investors to raise new funds, analyzing competition, and preparing LP presentation materials.

  • Fundraising Support
  • Investor Reporting on Fund Performance
  • LP Meetings Support
  • Whitepapers