Our library services team provides comprehensive, timely information to our research analysts and consultants, and to our clients and their advisors conducting investment research or seeking general data. Currently, we service many financial institutions and other corporations, including several of the world’s leading investment banks, advisory firms, and private equity funds.

Value Proposition

Sector Expertise: We combine detailed sector knowledge with proficiency in searching relevant sector specific market data sources (MDS). Our library services team possesses both academic and professional expertise in banking analytics, providing obvious competitive advantages in understanding information requests from bankers and other corporate advisors.

Dynamic Shift Balancing: We monitor shift-wise utilization of dedicated human resources for your project and accordingly make adjustments in real time to maximize the utilization.

Cost Optimization: Based on our experience of over 200 such sources, we enable clients to optimize market data services cost management, increasing productivity by minimizing the total time required to retrieve essential information. We also minimize costs of data sources, through license optimization and elimination of duplication through reuse of analysis or data wherever relevant.

Workflow Tool: We offer clients our own designed dynamic workflow tool, enabling tracking of MDS use by region, industry, product team and client.

Strategic Intent and Future Growth Plans: We are world leading providers of investment research and analytics to global investment banks and advisory firms. Our library services represent an integral part of our integrated client research service portfolio and strategies.

Our Services

Our services include:

Information Retrieval: We provide company information packs, comprising public information books, company filings, broker research and other specified information.

Sector Analysis: Our team offers industry information and reports including equity research.

Market Analysis: We supply market data covering all asset types and products.

Scheduled and Unscheduled News Runs: We publish Merger and Acquisition (M&A), ECM and DCM updates, and other sector related news.

Other Research: We deliver technical publications, regulatory frameworks, and data and analytical research.