Our presentation and graphics (P&G) team supports our financial institutional clients by providing high quality presentations and documents, representing key components of successful pitches and deals. Our experienced and versatile personnel produce creative graphics from multi-format client content, including text, presentations, spreadsheets, hand-drawn slides, and images. Our P&G team is also fully experienced in designing and producing boilerplate templates, producing brand guidelines, converting templates to new specifications and executing other custom layout and design assignments.

Our client base comprises various financial institutions, including investment banks and advisors, asset managers and private equity funds, companies and consultancy firms. Our team is expert in the use of many varied and specialized graphics services applications.

Our clients make considerable cost savings by outsourcing their P&G requirements to us, while also improving the content and presentation (both creative and formal) of their pitch-books and other important documentation. Our teams provide expert services using all major creative software, including bespoke creative suites designed in-house, based on 24/7 availability.

We provide the following presentation services:

Presentation Services: We prepare and format documents, create simplified high impact graphs from complex data sets, and transform slides into visually attractive presentations, consistent with client template and brand guidelines.

Layout and Creative Design Services: Our team develops client specific presentation templates and style guidelines, and designs new layouts for different types of report, white papers, newsletters, brochures and other marketing collateral.

Document Processing Services: We compile client bespoke presentations and documents, and convert raw data from PDF and other formats to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.