Research production infrastructure helps bring institutional-quality research to the market. Investment banks are increasingly leveraging Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services research production services to enhance their operational flexibility through making their research production costs variable.

Our Research Production services include:

Editorial and Publishing Services
Our Editorial and Publishing helps research teams add value to their institutional research reports by improving language, providing clarity, and ensuring consistency with the house style so that ideas are communicated both coherently and persuasively.
Supervisory Analyst
We provide pre-review support to registered supervisory analysts (or research principals) to help them expedite supervisory reviews and sign off on research reports. Our global delivery locations enable us to provide support across all time zones.
Market Data Products
Investment banks leverage a wide range of market data products to reduce internal time spent on standardized data and research. These market data products represent a significant, yet largely inelastic, cost for investment banks.
We help investment banks implement their compliance policies and meet regulatory requirements with greater rigor and at a lower cost. As regulatory pressures increase, compliance departments leverage our services to enhance their ability to do more for less.
Research Technology
We help investment banks design, implement, and maintain innovative technology solutions to improve overall efficiencies of research teams. We support clients across diverse platforms and languages.
Financial Models Database
Investment banks can reduce the costs and risks associated with implementing a financial models database by partnering with us. Clients benefit from our significant experience in supporting various stages of building a financial models database.
Marketing and Distribution Support
Investment banks are partnering with us to help improve effectiveness and reduce their overall costs of marketing and distributing research products.
Research Strategy and Management Support
We support research directors at brokerage firms to help implement research strategy and manage performance of research teams.