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What is BEAT ?

The BEAT suite is powered by Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services’ contextual technology framework and subject-matter experts. Its domain-specific 40+ technology and automation solutions are crafted and customised as per client requirements. BEAT-enabled solutions are designed to empower the financial services ecosystem with innovative front-office solutions.

BEAT-enabled solutions are


  • For financial services industry

  • For specific roles e.g. Investment Bankers

  • For specific modules in complex value chains


  • For a specific company

  • For a specific project

  • For a specific process


  • Seamless transition and change management

  • Easily integrate your company data and reporting dashboards

  • Deploy across teams and geographies

8 Benefits of BEAT

Accelerate innovation to improve products, and customer experience
Improved operational efficiency
Process Improvement
Reduction in turnaround time
Business retention and growth
Industrialize production
Cost savings
Transformation guides to create improved empowerment and better business outcomes

Featured BEAT-enabled Solutions

Broker Votes and Scorecards Automation Tool
  • Scorecard template design
  • Book-keeping of broker votes
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Financial Data Extractor
  • Customized data retrieval with the option to choose a particular financial statement (balance sheet/income statement/cash flow statement), the reporting period, the number of periods for which data is to be extracted, and more.
  • Automatic comment generation: All numbers extracted are automatically accompanied by comments that provide the source of information and page number as per the required format.
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Automated Financial Model Builder
  • Automated data population: Significantly reduces the time taken to enter historical data
  • Wide coverage universe and automated supplementary checks: Unique IDs mapped to line-items reduces the possibility of omission errors; eliminates manual errors altogether, ensuring data accuracy
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EDGE in Consultant Database (CDB) Uploads
  • Supports all major consultant websites; easily scalable to add more websites
  • Accepts data in multiple formats
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Navigator – Hedging Strategies Simplified
  • Analytics to analyse, quantify and compare risks/returns of different hedging strategies
  • Scalable framework that users can operate independently and with minimal training
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Covenant Compliance and Trend Analysis Dashboards
  • Independent validation of financial covenants based on definitions in the loan/facility agreement
  • Comparison of the calculated number with the required threshold as per the loan/facility agreement and trend analysis
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PE Portfolio Monitor
  • Pipeline management and automated financial statement collection (Excel)
  • Portfolio dashboard & analytics and automated aggregate financial reporting
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Automated Benchmarking Tool
  • Digitizing the internal benchmark repository: Enables the user to access internal benchmark repositories of functional and industry-specific metrics
  • Access to top-level and detailed metrics: Users can access both top-level and detailed benchmarks through multiple filter mechanisms and advanced search options
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Market Research Survey Data Population and Visualization
  • Our dashboards provide quick, accurate answers to critical aspects (such as factors driving growth and areas in which a company is spending its resources) and a way to compute key performance indicators (KPIs) across all departments
  • These support a level of awareness – a snapshot of the company – that would be difficult to collate from traditional reports.
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Solutions offered by BEAT platform

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